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If you have a student organization/class coupon code, please be sure to enter that into the 'Coupon Code' field BEFORE you make your final checkout to receive your discount!

Once you have completed your checkout, if you have purchased Best Resume Builder, you will receive an email with your unique serial code for access into the Best Resume Builder program.  The first step to enter our secure database is to go to www.bestresumebuilder.com/builder/login.aspx where you will set a username and password.  Once you 'activate' the account (by going to the email address you use as a username and clicking on the link), you can login with the username and enter the serial code you received via email.  Then you can begin entering information to create your dynamic and professional resume!

If you purchase a Career Search Skills book with your Best Resume Builder program, there will be a download link in the email to immediately receive your PDF copy of the book you have purchased.  If you purchase a Career Search Skills book without the Best Resume Builder program, you will receive a link to download the PDF in the email and the serial code will not access the Best Resume Builder program.